Satisfying, Healthy and Economical by Pam Vukelic It’s time for the heavy soups of winter to give way to lighter fare. Noodles, the most popular food in Southeast Asia, and especially popular in Japan, offer a base with endless possibilities. Serve them warm or chilled with a few vegetables, a […]

Amber's Dream

Teenager inspires community to bring kid-friendly healthcare to Bismarck by Kim Singer Amber Des Roches was just 11 years old when she was diagnosed with leukemia, and she spent four years in and out of Medcenter One Children’s Hospital. While undergoing treatment, Amber envisioned a place where children could escape […]

Spring Cleaning Tips

by Tina Ding Ever dread walking through your kitchen or laundry room? Have you misplaced bills or other important paperwork? Junk distracts the best of us. Piles of mail or overfilled closets seem insurmountable. After de-cluttering and purging, daily housekeeping becomes manageable. Whether approaching a serious project or simply spring […]