A poem by Lisa Dingeman


They call us traitors for what’s not understood

But God calls us perfect, forgiven, and good


It’s not the face you put on, but the title you own

You’re God’ s only one, from sand into bone

 Don’t listen to talk, only that which you know

We’re not promised tomorrow, don’t go with the flow


 Go out and spread love, be the light that they need

Your faith can lie promised with the size of a seed

And God only knows what the future will hold

But in Him we trust that the weak can be bold


To be condemned for it, that’s what we can read

Our Savior, our Lord, Jesus Christ set us free

Jesus come on us and show us the way

So that we, your children, are not led astray


Lisa Dingeman resides in Bismarck with her husband and two boys. She is the author of “You God This, Girl,” a Christian book for teen girls. She is a minister in her church, a student of Biblical Studies, and enjoys quality time with her family and the young girls she mentors. You can find her on Instagram at lisa_dingeman