Every Story Lights The Way

Inspired Woman is a free online subscription with a variety of encouraging and uplifting articles, essays, reader-submitted stories, blog posts, and video blogs.

A paid subscription to Inspired Woman gives you access to exclusive, high-quality content, including video feature stories and in-depth interviews recorded in the Inspired Woman studio in downtown Bismarck, North Dakota. Your paid subscription is also ad-free and gives you exclusive discounts and offers when you attend our live, in-person events (to be announced).

While its format has changed from a printed magazine, Inspired Woman continues to be a resource where connections are made and conversations are started. It’s a catalyst for positive change.


A Bismarck printing company, The Printers, Inc., began publishing “Inspire” in 2002. The magazine was free, and it was available at local newsstands and by subscription, every other month.

In 2009, The magazine was changed to “Inspired Woman.” By then, it had gained a large following with its feature stories and educational pieces written by women in the community. “Cover Girls” shared their stories of survival, sisterhood, and service. The mission of the magazine was “To Celebrate, Encourage, Empower, Educate, and Entertain Women.” 

In the fall of 2015, Marci Narum and Jody Kerzman became co-editors of Inspired Woman. The two had worked together at NBC affiliate television station KFYR-TV in Bismarck. In April 2016, Marci and Jody became co-owners of Inspired Woman, and they worked together until the end of 2018, when Jody returned to television. 

Marci continued publishing the magazine in 2019, and began making plans for her new vision: The Inspired Woman Show. She started a podcast. Inspired Woman was on track to go digital in 2020 — with interviews and video feature stories.

As Marci was set to roll out “The New Era of Inspired Woman” on March 16, 2020, North Dakota was shut down to due Covid.

Inspired Woman was put on a hiatus until 2023, when Marci’s passion for stories, interviews, and connections reawakened her drive to deliver what you now see. The best is yet to come.


MISSION: To light the way through the power of women and their stories.

GOAL: To encourage women to embrace the brilliance and truth of their stories, kindle a spirit of connection, belonging, and positive action.

PURPOSE: Every person’s story matters and has the power to be a beacon for someone looking for hope in the darkness of their own story. Inspired Woman exists as a platform to uncover and share deeply meaningful and life-changing stories that celebrate women while sparking thoughts and igniting conversations. We foster an environment where women find solace in knowing they are not alone on their life journeys and where strength is found in authenticity. Inspired Woman stories help light the way.


  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Connection
  • Community
  • Celebration

VISION: Inspired Woman stories will ignite a wildfire movement of understanding, connection, and belonging for women. They will serve as kindling for more women to embrace self-acceptance and courageously share the power of their own stories. We will light up the world with stories for good and bring women together to connect, celebrate, and share. Women will rise boldly, powerfully, and brilliantly from their darkness.

THE LOGO: The Inspired Woman logo includes a flame as part of the word “Inspired.” But look closely, and you will find more meaning. The flame design is in the form of an artistic and powerful W, while also emulating a phoenix-like bird powerfully emerging. This is the essence of Inspired Woman.

COLOR: Indian peacock teal is symbolic of our inner journey, power, strength, composure, and intelligence. It represents calmness, dignity, integrity, balance, and introspection. Gold represents sophistication, compassion, courage, and wisdom.