The Wellness Line
December 11, 2019
By : Marci Narum

by Kristi Frahm

New Rockford residents Amy Perleberg and Nan Taverna have discovered how to nurture themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Their methods involve both individual and communal actions on a regular basis.

“I like to divide the state of my health into two different categories: either I am ‘above the wellness line,’ or I am ‘below the wellness line,’” Amy says about the way she assesses her overall health. 

Her lifestyle of using natural approaches and products has kept her above the wellness line for the past six-and-a-half years. 

Nan agrees she has felt much healthier in the past five years since she made it her goal to live life as naturally as possible.

Physically, both women say that one of their favorite exercises is water aerobics. They, along with a group of female friends, utilize the public outdoor city pool every weekday during the summer. The two women also stay active by walking and gardening, and Nan gets much activity and fresh air when she cares for and rides her horse Pal. 


The two women also sit in their home infrared saunas for 30 to 45 minutes several times each week to detoxify for a healthy body and mind.

“Combining the heat with worship music and essential oils is the perfect blend for uplifting the mind, body, and spirit,” Amy asserts. 

According to Amy and Nan, oils have so many different uses, from supporting emotions, digestion, and healthy sleep, to maintaining one’s immune system. Nan especially loves oils that have particular antiviral properties and those that help her lymphatic system. Amy’s latest “excitement” with oils is that she has discovered they help with her hormone levels as she heads into menopause. 


Other than enjoying their sauna sessions and using essential oils, the women eat healthy foods, practice positive thinking, attend Bible Study meetings, listen to inspirational podcasts, volunteer for various causes in their community, and read spiritual books. One of the important highlights of their lives right now is spending time with their precious grandchildren. They have shared natural products with their adult children and their grandchildren. 

“It has been so interesting to see the impact these products have made on the lives of my three grandchildren — keeping them above the wellness line so that they have missed very few days of school and daycare, and in turn, this translates to fewer missed work days for their parents,” Amy says.   

A broken shinbone interrupted Nan’s routine a few years ago, and a recent knee surgery for Amy caused each woman months of healing. Their choice to add more natural practices for their restorative process aided both of them tremendously. 

“We each have to be our own health advocates as we are ultimately responsible for our own health care. My research about natural products has given me a deeper understanding of my body. I have learned that my body can heal itself with time,” Nan says. 

Amy and Nan are much more content with their lives since they have changed their overall lifestyle. 

“God created us with very unique bodies, minds, and souls,” Nan reminds us. “We need to treat ourselves kindly by making good choices with our health.”  

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