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New Businesses are Going to the Dogs

Mobile pet services are becoming mainstream in the Bismarck-Mandan area. Inspired Woman talked with two entrepreneurial women who have recently started businesses that are literally ‘going to the dogs’.

Claudia – Dakota Canine Massage and Treats

Daisy gets a massage from Claudia
Daisy gets a massage from Claudia
Claudia Jahraus is a Certified Canine Massage Therapist. She travels to her clients’ homes, which adds to the calming aspect of massage. “My favorite part of the appointment is coming into the house,” said Jahraus. “I get the best welcome, the dogs see me coming and are always so happy to greet me. Some even seem to know the day I am coming as they look out their window waiting.”

Jahraus did some pre-course work, then went to Colorado for a four day course to become certified. It took her a total of six months to get her certification.

One of her clients, Daisy, a five year old Irish Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, has been getting massages for a little over two months. Daisy was displaced with her family during the flood and has not been the same since. “Prior to the flood the doorbell did not bother her, (now she barks),” said Daisy’s owner Deanna Reiten. “Different things changed, but she is slowly coming back to her old self.”

Massage can benefit dogs the same way it benefits humans. It helps with circulation, their muscles and organs. “A lot of  people that contact me have a dog with a hip or joint  problem, or have dogs that are nervous or afraid of things,” said Jahraus. “I have athletic dogs as customers as well. Massage is a good preventative measure for injuries.

Massage can helps with a dogs’ emotional health, also. “With massage they seem to focus better, and calm down,” said Jahraus. “They get used to behaving while being touched, which helps for grooming, vet visits, competitions, or just going for walks and being with their human family. But, I want to make sure that people know massage is never a substitute for veterinary medicine.”

“Massage is very complimentary to total pet care,” said Reiten. “Some people don’t believe in massage or chiropractors, and that’s ok, but it works for us. After Daisy’s massage, she is very relaxed and takes a lot of naps.”

The entire session usually takes an hour. The massage itself only takes about 20 minutes, if the dog cooperates and remains on the table the entire time. Sometimes a dog will jump off the table or need to go to the bathroom, some dogs fall asleep on the table, so Jahraus budgets extra time for that and to talk with the pet owners for a bit. Plus, the dogs get one of her treats at the end of the session! She recommends at least four sessions to see the benefits of massage.

A sample of Claudia's dog treats
A sample of Claudia’s dog treats
Jahraus’s dog treats are made with rice and soy flour and contain no wheat, soy, artificial sweeteners, added sugars, hydrogenated fats or preservatives. She makes them in several flavors and sells them at various vendor shows and SusieQs Craft Emporium at 411 Main Street, Mandan. Look for the treat of the month on her website and facebook page.

Dakota Canine Massage and Treats is offering an introductory price through February 1st, 2013 – get four massages for $100. 
Contact Claudia at, call or text: 701.425.6489, or find her on facebook at Dakota Canine Massage and Treats. Website:

Jacque – Pet Agree, Mobile Grooming Spa

Ashton gets his nails clipped.
Ashton gets his nails clipped.
Jacque wishes she would have started her business several years ago. She had worked at Petsmart for a little over six years and managed their grooming department for five. “I wanted to give the dogs all of the attention I could, but there were too many distractions in the shop environment and dogs were stressing out a lot,” she said. “I always wanted my dog to be treated the best, so I want to give that to other dogs and their families.”

There are no laws or guidelines regulating dog grooming in the state of North Dakota. Unfortunately that means anyone can buy a clipper and say they are a groomer. Jacque went through training with the Petsmart corporation and has also spent countless hours with books, DVDs and online resources to learn her craft. “You have to know a breed’s temperament, their structure and how to cut and style each one,” she explained.

The biggest advantage to using Pet Agree is the convenience. Jacque pulls up right outside a client’s home and gets to work. “Dog owners don’t have to worry about picking up or dropping off,” she said. “It is a lot less stressful for the dogs, plus they get more attention and lots of love.”

Jacque also enjoys getting to know the families. She does require that owners be home for the first few visits, but after a relationship is developed, she will work out arrangements to groom when an owner is not present on a case-by-case basis.

Jacque lives in Glen Ullin, and services Glen Ullin, Hebron, Bismarck, Mandan, Almont, Lincoln and other small communities in between. If there is a town that has five or more dogs that need grooming, she will definitely go there. She will work evenings and weekends, by appointment only.

The Pet Agree trailer is ready for dogs of all shapes and sizes!
The Pet Agree trailer is ready for dogs of all shapes and sizes!
The Pet Agree trailer was custom made so every space is utilized. The trailer is fully insulated with a heated water tank and equipped with an air conditioner for year round grooming. It is self-contained, carrying everything Jacque needs, from water, power and all of her tools. 

Some of the services she offers include baths, deshedding, nails trimmed, nail grinding, ears cleaned, toothbrushing, flea and tick treatments, hair dye, nail gems and nail polish. She has products for dogs with allergies and dry skin, smelly dogs, even skunked dogs.

Prices are based on location, size of dog (no weight limit) and services performed. She can give a starting quote over the phone. “Sometimes people will text me a photo of their dog and that will help me give quotes, but it is hard until I meet them in person,” she said.

The holidays are a groomers busiest time of year. (You may be out of luck by the time this issue goes to print). Jacque recommends calling at least two weeks in advance.

For more information visit or
Contact Jacque at 226.9888 or

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