Receiving international attention proves one Bismarck entrepreneur is no flash in the pan. Karmin Billadeau, owner of Karmin’s Kitchen Table, was the featured retail profile in the March-April edition of Gourmet Insider, a national magazine. 

“I was thrilled! I couldn’t believe out of all the people that sell housewares in the country, they chose me to be the one they were going to profile,” Karmin says. 

The article calls her store “something special for its customers and the gourmet industry.” Karmin believes that’s what made her stand out. 

“They like the direction we’re taking the store in the things that we’re doing; we’re creating ties and bonds with the community and how we’re getting repeat customers and things are going really well here.” 

Karmin offers cooking classes and gives back to the community, and it can’t hurt that she and her store manager Tina Frisinger handpick every retail item in the store. 

“We try every product that we bring into the store. I like to say I interview vendors before I bring their product into the store, so for example, we don’t have a huge selection of garlic peelers, we only carry one because it’s the one we really love, it’s the one we use in our kitchen.” 

Karmin had originally been pegged for the cover of the magazine, but chef Thomas Keller and his new line of cutlery is there instead. 

“When the most decorated chef in American wants to be on the cover, he should be,” Karmin says graciously. 

She is also happy to share the spotlight with other kitchen retailers. 

“It’s not just my success, I want everyone in North Dakota who has a great kitchen store get recognized, too.” 

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