Family-owned businesses are nothing new, but the chances of those family-owned businesses staying in the family for generation after generation aren’t good. The Conway Center for Family Business says only three percent of family businesses survive into the fourth generation and beyond.

Laura Ressler and her daughter Amy Pierce are working to change that statistic. Their family-owned business, Roberts Floral, celebrated 60 years of business in September. Laura is the third generation, Amy the fourth.

Mother and daughter both say flowers are in their blood. Amy recalls racing to the flower shop after school, and sometimes even during the school day.

“I went to school across the street and was always trying to sneak over to see my family!” Amy says with a laugh. “But my real love for the flower shop didn’t come until later. I actually moved away after high school and ended up working at a flower shop in South Dakota. My mom gently reminded me I could work at our family flower shop. I came back about 12 years ago and have been here ever since.”

Besides Laura and Amy, Laura’s mother, husband, and son-in-law  also work at the flower shop, along with about 25 other employees. Laura and Amy say the best thing about their business is the customers.

“They are precious to us. They are the base of what we do,” says Laura.

Roberts Floral is located at 210 North 8th Street in Bismarck.