Megan Milbradt

Do you have a fancy camera, but have no idea how to use it? You’re not alone. Many parents invest in high-end digital cameras with good intentions of capturing their children’s lives but end up taking all their photos on their smartphones because it’s easier. Bismarck photographer Megan Milbradt wants to change that.

“About five years ago I was at an event where I saw a number of parents struggle to use their DSLR cameras,” says Megan. “I thought it was a shame that people spend so much money on a camera but not know how to use it properly. So I decided to create a workshop to help those parents.”

Megan created the Everyday Life Workshop, a DSLR camera class that helps people feel more comfortable with their cameras.

“My goal is to teach people how to shoot in manual mode. If you can learn how to do that, you can pretty much take a picture anywhere,” she explains. “It’s a two-part class. The first part is the technical stuff—understanding exposure, shooting in manual mode. The second part of the class teaches how to tell the story of your child’s Everyday Life with photographs.”

Megan created a 50-page workbook for the class. It includes technical tips to take better pictures and example photos she took as a mom, not as a professional photographer. Megan offers her Everyday Life Workshops several times throughout the year. To learn more, click here to visit her website. The next class will be held February 10.