ferncandle-3By Jody Kerzman

When Kelsey Fern’s son was born three years ago, she started wondering what was in the candles she was constantly burning.

“I did some research and discovered the candles I was buying were full of chemicals, plastics, and junk. I was trying so hard to make our home more natural and chemical free, and then I was undoing it all every time I lit a candle.”

Kelsey’s search for a more natural alternative led her to soy candles, but they came with a big price tag.

“I decided to make my own candles,” says Kelsey.  “I soon found there was lots of interest in my candles. I sold some to friends and then decided to make it into a little business.”

Kelsey opened her Esty shop, Fern Candle, in May 2016 and started selling at BisMarket later that summer. Eventually, Fern Candle made its way into several stores throughout North and South Dakota and various other boutiques across the United States. The Fern Candle Etsy store is currently closed while Kelsey fulfills wholesale orders. Kelsey works with each store that carries her candles to create a signature fragrance that can only be purchased in that store. Her goal remains to provide a reasonably priced, safe, and natural product.

“Soy candles last longer, burn cleaner, and are made from a renewable resource produced by U.S. farmers,” Kelsey explains. “All of my candles are phthalate- and dye-free with cotton wicks and glass jars.”

Kelsey offers a variety of unique fragrances and plans to release more fragrances this spring. Follow Fern Candle on Facebook and Instagram.