file_000By Jody Kerzman

“I am a miracle.”

Kari Kadrmas has an infectious, although slightly lopsided smile. The reason for her lopsided smile is proof she truly is a miracle.

On July 4, 2006, Kari’s car was t-boned by an SUV. Her head went through the side window of her car, then snapped back. Kari had multiple brain injuries, massive blood loss, broken cheekbones, a broken jawbone, collapsed lungs, a fractured pelvis, a broken right leg, and a shattered right ankle. Her brain injuries left her half blind and half paralyzed.

“My heart stopped beating a couple of times,” says Kari.

Kari spent 19 days in a coma and 81 days in hospitals—first in Fargo, then a swing bed in Mandan, and finally to rehab in Bismarck.

She eventually went back to college and graduated from Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota. She lives independently, has a part time job, and has written, illustrated, and published four children’s books. Her latest book is called “Sophie and the Magic Wheelchair.”

“It’s a regular children’s story and the main character just happens to be in a wheelchair. It’s about self acceptance and encourages acceptance for those who are different.

“I’m trying to be a role model. Yes, I have brain injuries. But I still graduated from college. I want people to look at me and see how well I’ve done and just imagine all they can do.”

Kari’s books are available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble in Bismarck. Join her for a book signing there on March 4 from 1:00-3:00 p.m.