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Julie Neidlinger’s list of accomplishments is long: she’s been a school teacher, pastry chef, graphic designer, postal worker, cook, church pianist, newspaper reporter, pilot, blogger, and a copy writer. And now she can add book author to her resume.

Neidlinger’s book,There are Dinosaurs in The Fields,brings together some of her favorite poems and non-fiction stories, along with full color original art and photography, to help illustrate what life on the Great Plains is really about and why it matters. Through humor, conversations, and thoughtful philosophy, readers will identify with stories that capture the broader themes of life. You’ll find stories from her time as a newspaperreporter in Cavalier County, life in Bismarck, crop circles and UFOs, hilarious dinner party conversations, life on the farm, observations on nature, and many more. The towns of Hampden,Edmore, Langdon, Cando, Bismarck, Devils Lake, Harvey, Nekoma, and Starkweather all get a mention.

“There are a lot of books out there by North Dakota authors,” she said. “I didn’t want to add another memoirto the stack. This is a book for anyone who prefers a more thoughtful life, whether they have an interest in North Dakota or not.”

For more information, including where to buy Neidlinger’s book, visit www.loneprairie.net.