caramundheadshot2016By Marci Narum

Sometimes wishes come true—and sometimes they exceed our wildest dreams.

Cara Mund of Bismarck is still pinching herself over the fact that the annual Make-A-Wish Fashion Show she started when she was only 14 is now in its tenth year.

“It’s something I’m just so proud of because I never expected it to be what it is today. The show in total has raised over $65,000 and has included 21 North Dakota Wish Kids.”

Cara was an 8th grade middle school student when she got the idea. It was such a huge success, the Make-A-Wish Foundation suggested she consider making it an annual event. So she did; she even came home over spring break each year during college to oversee the show. Cara graduated last May from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Back home in Bismarck now, Cara is preparing for this year’s show and reflecting on the last nine years. She says the event has done much more than grant wishes; it has created a community and a support system.

“The Wish Kids stay connected throughout the year on Facebook and support one another in their battles.”

The 10th Annual Make-A-Wish Fashion Show is at 4:00 pm on Sunday, April 2 at Simle Middle School in Bismarck. Get tickets at the door, at Attitudes in Kirkwood Mall, or call 221-0588.