Joani Skaare 

By Marci Narum

Joani Skaare recalls her career as a flight attendant to describe a parallel to her current work as a health and lifestyle coach. 

“Women are so busy. We put ourselves last,” Joani explains. “But just like the mask on an airplane, you have to put yours on first or you won’t be able to help anyone else.”

Joani is one of only three certified coaches in North Dakota teaching people how to eat and move in the cutting edge fitness and nutrition program called Faster Way to Fat Loss. It includes carb cycling, intermittent fasting, and strength and cardio exercises — all to train the body to use fat instead of sugar as its fuel source.

“I wanted to get my health back and lose weight. I started on the program last June and lost 35 pounds, 35 inches — mostly in my stomach; and I decreased my body fat by 10 percent and increased my muscle mass by 5 percent.”

Thinking like a flight attendant, Joani had put on her own mask; she was ready to help others. She opened her coaching business, Simply Inspired Health in 2019.

“The heart of my coaching is to simplify. Clean out your fridge, get rid of what doesn’t matter and focus on what does. We help people learn what to eat. We don’t have meal plans; we focus on whole foods. We take all the good things of other programs and combine it together for long-term stability. It helps balance hormones and thyroid, helps you sleep better, and feel better.

“I like to focus on body positivity in my coaching — appreciating your body as you go through the journey. And I talk about self sabotage — why do you sabotage your success when you start seeing the weight come off by going back to bad habits?

“I’m trying to empower women to take control of their health and life. The goal is to break these concepts down so women can finally get a grip on a program that works without having to give up on living.”

Contact Joani at Joani@JoaniSkaare.comor