The Smart Seed

A batch of Heidi Engen’s handmade gifts has sprouted into a full-blown business. Therapy packs filled with flax seed–designed and sewn by Heidi–were such a hit that she began getting orders; so many orders that in February 2017, while working a part-time job, she started her own business,The Smart Seed. Interest and demand for the therapy packs exploded. The Smart Seed became Heidi’s full-time gig in June 2018.

“The packs are helping a lot of people who struggle with headaches, migraines, and sinus problems,” Heidi explains. “Moms have told me they love the hot and cold pack because their kids will use it as an ice pack; the fabric feels good. You can use the packs on any part of the body to ease aches and pains.”

Each pack contains 100 percent flax seed produced in North Dakota. Heidi says flax seed has different qualities than other therapy pack fillers such as rice, corn, or wheat.

“Flax doesn’t have a food smell; it’s a smaller, smoother seed, so it conforms to the body better, and because it has a higher oil content, it will stay warm longer and retain its heat over time.”

Heidi says adding essential oils to the therapy packs is an option. They come in three sizes, and Heidi makes them at her kitchen counter in Lincoln, North Dakota. You can find them at, select retails stores, and on Etsy and Facebook; search The Smart Seed.