Submitted Photos

Tell us a little history of North Dakota Heart Gallery.
The North Dakota Heart Gallery is a nonprofit organization that was started in 2008 with a mission to reach out to the public and encourage the adoption of North Dakota children in foster care waiting for forever homes. Since 2008, we have served over 230 children and placed over 100 children into their adoptive homes. Of those 230+ children we are still serving now, some have turned 18 and aged out of the system, and others had goals that changed.

We begin the experience by enlisting the help of professional photographers throughout North Dakota. Through artistic photography, we showcase the child’s personality and spirit, showing potential families a glimpse inside a child’s heart.

Every child deserves a family to call their own. The North Dakota Heart Gallery features children from throughout the state. The Heart Gallery will travel to events and exhibitions in communities across North Dakota to recruit forever families.

How are you different from other organizations like yours?
The North Dakota Heart Gallery is unique because we showcase the children through artistic photography. We believe this allows the child’s personality to show through and give viewers a glimpse of who they are. You are able to get a glimpse of the child’s spirit and personality! We are lucky that professional area photographers donate their time and talents to give these children a photoshoot where they can really shine and feel their best.

What are your needs right now if someone would like to help?
Our organization is run completely on donations from our supporters through child sponsorships and donations to help us with costs of printing the gallery and travel costs of the gallery across North Dakota. Another way to support us would be to host the gallery at your workplace, church, or other places of gathering across the state. Lastly, we have our annual One Hope, Many Hearts Gala on November 8 and are in need of sponsors and donations. If you are able to help out with this need, please email us at

How can people contact you?
Visit our website at to see the children who are waiting for their forever families or to send an inquiry. You can also email us at

How can people donate or get involved?
The North Dakota Heart Gallery depends on the help of many people and organizations. Through your donations or volunteer efforts, you can be a part of this truly rewarding experience. We also need businesses, churches, malls, museums, YMCAs—or other places where people gather—to host a photo gallery so that even more people can see these brave children who are waiting for their forever family and light a spark for someone thinking about adoption.