Personalized sterling silver rings with a mission
During her junior year of college, Bismarck native Britney Daniel felt she was being led to do missions. “I had signed up for a trip to Haiti, but there was a huge cholera outbreak and our school cancelled the trip,” she said. “Ever since then I have wanted to go to Haiti. After graduation I started working full time and decided to do my own research. I found a group and just went!”

She was in Haiti last August when Hurricane Isaac hit. Her seven day mission trip turned into ten. “That is one of the reasons I want to go back to Haiti,” she said. “The last couple days I was there, I saw the devastation first hand and felt God telling me there was more work to be done.”

She did explore other options for missionary work and went to Swaziland for ten days in December with a group from her church. Daniel has been in Minneapolis since 2007. She went to University of St. Thomas after graduating from Century High School and now works at an advertising agency doing client management.

One of the things that drew Daniel to Haiti was the language and the culture. She studied French and they speak Haitian Creole, which is based on French. “I could actually communicate with the locals which made me feel like I had a bigger impact,” she said.

She explained how her adventure into art began: “At my church there was a sermon one day about letting God use your talent and creativity for his will. At the time I didn’t feel I had anything extraordinary to offer. But one day I was looking up some jewelry classes to take, I have always liked silver message bands. I found a class at Quench Jewelry Arts. I showed up and I was the only student, so I got a private lesson. I told the instructor it would be cool to sell these to raise money for my mission trip and she jumped on board right away.
Daniel is able to get her materials at cost from the instructor, and ever since she launched her website, on Easter Sunday, she is busy with the orders coming in from her website.

Translated from Haitian Creole, Bondye Bon [Boneday-bone] means “God is good”

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