About Inspired Woman Magazine

Inspired Woman magazine is a monthly magazine printed at The Printers in Bismarck, North Dakota.

 Our Mission

The mission of Inspired Woman magazine is to celebrate, encourage, empower, educate, and entertain women.

 Our Philosophy

Our philosophy reflects our core beliefs and values. It reveals what we believe and value most about people and organizations, as well as the kind of organization we are and desire to be. We believe every woman is created in God’s image, with value and with purpose. We believe women should be celebrated and valued for their uniqueness, talent, and beauty. We believe women should be honored for the contributions they make to their families, careers, and communities. We value the vast differences, backgrounds, and beliefs that make each woman special, and the possibility that these can unite us rather than divide us. We aspire to breathe life into those who read and hear the stories we share.

 Our Purpose

Our purpose is to enrich the lives we touch, to share inspiring stories, and to educate our readers, as well as ourselves. Inspired Woman is a journey – we are inspired every day, and we grow and learn with each issue we produce. We feel called to use our talents and time to inspire others.

 Our Objective

Our objective is to provide a print magazine and an interactive website where women can go to read about other women doing great things, to find hope, inspiration, laughter, and maybe even a new recipe. We strive to enrich every life we touch through Inspired Woman.

 Our Team


Jody Kerzman(Read more about Jody.)


Marci Narum (Read more about Marci.)

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Photographer:  Jacy Voglewede(Read more about Jacy.)


Designer: Tiahna Wagner (Read more about Tiahna.)

Advisory Board:

Beth Anderson (Read more about Beth.)

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Melanie Carvell (Read more about Melanie.)

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Jamie Christensen (Read more about Jamie.) 

Noreen Keesey (Read more about Noreen.) 

Jeanne Masseth (Read more about Jeanne.)

Roxane Romanick (Read more about Roxane.)