Our Team

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Marci Narum, Co-Editor

“A stranger is just a friend I haven’t met yet.”

It could very well be Marci Narum’s life quote. Marci is a people person, and a natural listener and storyteller. When you visit with Marci, she has a special way of making you feel like you are the most important person in the world. She remembers details about each person she meets, and she’ll tell you that meeting so many great people is the very best part of her job with Inspired Woman. She considers it a tremendous honor to share people’s stories in the magazine. Marci is also a professional speaker. She’s been speaking to crowds since she was a kid on a North Dakota farm. Marci used to practice her speeches for the cows while she did chores. When she wasn’t practicing her speeches, Marci could often be found snitching candy from the cupboard where her mom had it “hidden.” She’s still paying for that, with a mouth full of cavities and crowns. Marci loves popcorn, chocolate, kayaking, biking, thrill rides, baking, and board games. She is married to Jim and they have two adorable, smart and VERY manipulative weiner dogs, Mickey and Sophie.


Jacy Vogelwede, Photographer

This little dynamo is our Inspired Woman Photographer!

Jacy Vogelwede has her own photography business, Photos by Jacy. Check out her work on her Facebook page. She is also a proud member of the North Dakota Air National Guard, where she serves as the Military Personnel Management Officer. Jacy Voglewede hails from Buchanan, North Dakota. She and her husband Jared have two little boys, who Jacy considers her greatest blessings. Jacy loves watching them grow every week, and is fascinated by how quickly they learn. As a family they enjoy camping and fishing, and pretty much anything outdoors, and Jacy is always there with her camera, ready to capture great moments. Jacy admits that when was a kid, she got into trouble for talking too much. She still talks a lot, and for that, we are grateful! She has a lot of great ideas for Inspired Woman magazine!