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Online Exclusive: Chappy Windsor on Dreams

“I have such a hard time with the clichés of goals and dreams. I think so often that people are first of all pressured into setting a goal or having a dream. We always ask the young people, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” And especially the high school students as they’re graduating. And I think it’s the most unfair, loaded question that’s ever been asked. It would be so much more appropriate to say, “What are you going to do first?” Because even as we ask that question, we can’t answer it ourselves. The average age of a person that starts a business is 37. And the average age of the person that asks that question is probably similar. So I think it’s unfair.

“I think people will set this goal and then they will feel so yoked to the goal that they don’t open themselves up to the purpose and the calling on their life. And I feel that same way about dreams. I feel like people are afraid to open themselves up to the possibility of achieving it.

“One of the things I learned that is such a comfort to me is that the absence of doubt is not faith and it’s not belief. It’s allowing. It’s just allowing that it’s possible. So I don’t set goals. I don’t have dreams. I look at the possibilities. And that gives me a sense of allowing and then that becomes attainable and it’s much more about the path and the journey, and the lessons along the way than it is about this pot of gold at the end of the rainbow leprechaun thing. It’s really just empty to me. That’s how I see it. And I think so often you share that dream or hope or aspiration with someone and they look back at you like they’re afraid for your future now you’re not only managing your fears, your managing the fears they projected onto you. I think that’s what keeps people from living in the possibility. Is managing everyone else’s fear around them.

“I think it’s a chess board. Although I recognize it’s been an accomplishment, I see it having absolutely no end to its possibilities. I see that it’s a complete infinity. But whether or not that’s going to happen is going to depend on the moves I make on the chessboard and the moves the universe makes. So that’s the mystery; if that will happen or if it won’t happen. But I fully believe that it can.”

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