Covert. Oxymoron. Inundated. Steadfast. Tenacious.

Those are just a few of the 200 words included in Kristi Frahm’s new vocabulary curriculum for teaching high school vocabulary. The vocabulary curriculum is called “The Power of 200.” It’s something Kristi has been working on since 1997.

“I wanted to figure out a way to help students learn words for lifelong learning, not just memorize them for a test and forget them,” explains Kristi. Kristi spent 30 years teaching high school English. She retired in 2014 and lives in New Rockford, North Dakota.

Designed for grades 7-12, Kristi says “The Power of 200” is also a great option for homeschool parents because the single program can be used for multiple years.

“It’s 200 words, but we never stop using and talking about the first word we learn. Research shows you need to be exposed to something 17 times before you learn it,” says Kristi. “I could have easily done 1,000 words, but that would be overwhelming. I came up with about 75 of the words from novels, movies, and billboards. My students helped with the rest.”

“The Power of 200” gives students one word a day to incorporate into their writing, speaking, and everyday life. Students get points for finding the words outside the classroom, such as in movies and books. Kristi said it was important to her to make the curriculum fun for the students.

“It’s hard to find a high school vocabulary program that is user-friendly but also appeals to teenagers. They are a tough audience.”

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