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Inspired Teen – Abby Wolfe, Class of 2015

Abby Wolfe has been involved with pageants, for a very specific reason, since sixth grade. “My cousin had cerebral palsy and was wheelchair bound her entire life. Even though she couldn’t do a lot of the things ‘normal’ kids do she was always smiling and very generous with her love, said Wolfe. “I wanted to participate in the pageant in her honor after she passed away.”

A lot of her dance team members were involved with the Miss America Scholarship Organization pageant. Since it is a scholarship pageant there is no score based on appearance, but there is a talent and interview portion. “It tends to help promote more well-rounded girls,” explained Wolfe. “It has helped me develop a better sense of self and more self confidence.”

Going into her junior year she won the title of Miss North Dakota’s Outstanding Teen. She was able to travel to Orlando and compete in the national pageant. “It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I made some great friends and got some scholarship dollars as well.”

Once a pageant participant reaches the Outstanding Teen Category, they are required to have a platform. Wolfe’s platform was centered around helping people with special needs, like her cousin, and she used her title to promote the start up of ‘Horizon Buddies.’

Horizon Buddies at the movies
Horizon Buddies at the movies
Wolfe explained the program: “I work very closely with Mrs. Moritz at Horizon Middle School. ‘Horizon Buddies’ is a club for all of the Special Education students. Students volunteer to buddy up with a special needs student and we do things like ability awareness projects – where they educate their classmates on different disabilities. We also go bowling or to the movies. They have a lot of fun and look forward to hanging out together. The goal is to promote acceptance and be more comfortable around kids with special needs.”

‘Horizon Buddies’ began last year, and has grown to about 60 kids. Wolfe was pleasantly surprised because she didn’t think many sixth – eighth graders were going to want to sign up to hang out with special needs kids on the weekends. “Middle school youth are developing critical relationships going into high school,” she said. “I hope this can change some lives.”

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  • Abby – you are, in every sense, an earth angel. I know, without a doubt, Callie laughs with you each and every day from heaven and sends you lots of butterfly kisses. You are a true inspiration to so many and have started a group, Horizon Buddies, that has so positively touched so many lives. I hope and pray this group continues with Mrs. Missy Moritz at the lead and you the #1 supporter. A most sincere “Thank You” for giving back so generously of your time and talents. Lots of love and hugs to you~ Aunt Cid and the rest of Callie Jo’s family.

  • It is a pleasure and an honor to be able to make a difference, even if it is a small one. I am so blessed to have these amazing kids to call my friends; the laughter and smiles we have shared are some of my best memories! I am so grateful for all of the support for the club and the kids, without all of the well wishes and involvement from the community, and all
    of the volunteer students, it wouldn’t be the successful group it is. It means a lot as well that so many are excited to come together to celebrate Callie Jo and her inspiring legacy; I miss her dearly, but feel her presence always in the sunshine and all around.

    Much Love, Abby

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