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Ali Arndorfer of Hidden Treasures Home Decorating shares her thoughts on what is ‘Hot for the Home’…

006 - CopyWhat colors seem to be hot right now – wall color, accessories, pillows, furniture? Colors that are hot right now are soft oranges, blues, (primarily aqua) and grey’s.  Lemon yellow is also huge, especially when paired with grey!  Grey in all shades, is gorgeous on walls and sofas.  Aqua is also going crazy right now!  It is stunning when on rustic wood furniture pieces as well as accessories.  Slate and rusts are in many homes as well.
Are people asking for a more traditional look, rustic – what are you hearing? I think overall, Bismarck still plays it a little safe.  We still need our comfort and functionality.  Our homes HAVE to be practical.  I see combinations of rustic country, French country, modern and traditional.  We are taking to elements of the modern look.  Old rustic woods combined with bits of industrial and traditional are big.  I personally am very eclectic, so I love to mix and match styles!
If someone is on a very restricted budget what are some things they can do to update their home and not break the bank? One of the best starters is paint.  Always a facelift!  Also, have a focal point.  If you have a fireplace, make a statement.  They can always be painted as well!  If there is no fireplace, find where the focal point should be and make a statement with large wall art. 
A few other inexpensive ideas are 1. Use throw pillows and drapes to bring a room and its colors together.  2.  An uncluttered and organized home does wonders in showcasing the décor you do have.  I’ve been in homes with the most beautiful pieces, but if they are covered in piles of stuff it doesn’t have the same feel. 3. Use coordination and appropriate size picture frames for wall photos.  This can be an inexpensive and very stylish statement.
A totally cost free idea is rearranging the existing furniture.  Perhaps pulling pieces from other rooms for a new look.  A large attractive area rug is nice to pull seating areas together.
And one of my favorite tips…..SPRAYPAINT!!  You’ll be amazed what you can do for $3.00!
What is the most popular room that you do – bedrooms, living rooms?  Definitely living and family rooms.  The place where the family usually is and where company sees first!

Are there certain fabrics that are hot right now?  Fabrics with bold patterns.  Don’t be afraid to mix bold colors and patterns.

How often should a person look at updating their furniture, carpet, etc?  Everyone’s budget is different, but I would suggest trying to keep neutral furniture and carpet, that way you will have to update that less often.  Try to focus on keeping the paint colors current with your tastes.  Remember painting furniture and accessories is always an option!

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