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Many Options Available for Maintaining a Youthful Appearance

By Kylie Blanchard

Maintaining a youthful appearance becomes more of a priority as individuals age. With advances in both surgical and non-surgical procedures, it is now easier to achieve desired results and maintain a fresh look.

“It is really a multidisciplinary approach of Botox or Dysport, filler and surgery. I like to present all these options to the patient and explain that they can be used in combination to get the best effects,” says Dr. Andrew Afshar, DDS, MD, with the Face and Jaw Surgery Center.

Afshar is certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and is fellowship trained in cosmetic surgery. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, and provides a full spectrum of facial and body contouring procedures in Face and Jaw Surgery Centers in Bismarck, Minot, Fargo and Grand Forks.

“Almost anyone who wants surgery will have started with injectables,” notes Afshar. “There are diminishing returns with non-surgical options as individuals age, and they have limitations on what they can achieve. These are a starting point for most cosmetic patients and a certain percentage will move onto surgery.”

He says fillers and injection treatments are good for prevention as well as improving the results of surgery. “I usually don’t condone anti-aging surgery in very young patients, but a cosmetic intervention I would recommend in a patient’s 20s is Botox or Dysport.”

This course of treatment can help prevent forehead lines and crow’s feet, a common name for wrinkles near the eyes. “We are seeing a lot of patients in their 20s coming in for these types of treatments,” says Afshar. “Once wrinkles and folds form, they are an uphill battle to fix. This type of preventative treatment keeps patients much happier with their looks into their 30s, 40s and beyond.”

Injectable treatments are often priced according to the number of units used during a session or by the area being treated. The initial applications of the treatment will also be more frequent and gradually spread out over time. “The first application lasts the least amount of time, because when injection treatments start, the muscle is at its maximum strength and thickness,” says Afshar.

The second application will take place six to eight weeks after the first and routine administration of the injections will need to take place to maintain results. The injections will eventually spread out to every four to six months with less Botox or filler needed to achieve desired results.

“The treated area will become more smooth and rejuvenated in appearance as the muscle is actually weakened by the Botox and the effects of the treatment will last longer,” says Afshar.

He notes injectable treatments have many applications, with the forehead and frown lines being the most commonly treated areas. It is also used on crow’s feet and lines near the mouth. “It is very reliable to slow down the appearance of aging in these areas,” says Afshar.

There is a point in the use of Botox or fillers when other treatments are needed to continue to achieve desired results, he notes. These options include deep dermabrasion, laser treatments and chemical peels.

Afshar says the most significant preventative measure and treatment enhancement he continually stresses to patients is the use of sun protection. “This is a key to preventing premature aging and maintaining results. We can turn back the clock to a certain point, but the clock starts to tick again. Sun protection slows down the return of an aged appearance.”

When surgery becomes the next step, the facelift and brow lift are often the next recommended options. “The facelift is really the workhorse of any rejuvenation procedure,” says Afshar. “It gives you the most effect.”

The facelift gives lift and tightness to the entire face and neck, while the brow lift tightens everything above the eyes and gives a more smooth appearance to the targeted area.

It is important individuals remember there is a recovery period with surgical procedures, says Afshar. “It depends on how invasive the facelift is, but recovery often involves wearing a compression dressing fulltime for a week, then removing the sutures and continuing to wear the compression dressing at night to minimize bruising and swelling, and to aid in the tightening process.”

Another surgical option that targets the entire body is called Body Liposculpture. This is a procedure which removes undesirable fat, usually unresponsive to diet and exercise, from subcutaneous tissues.

Afshar says he often sees an increase in this procedure in conjunction with the holidays, upcoming nice weather and an improvement in the economy. “When the countdown to nice weather and bikini season begins, those are the times people become more self-concious,” he notes.

Although the procedure can give people a more pleasing body contour, Afshar stresses Body Liposculpture is not a weight loss tool. “The patient needs to also adopt a healthy lifestyle and a consistent exercise program.”

With all procedures that help create and maintain a more youthful appearance, Afshar says it is important patients focus on their overall health as well. “It is key patients maintain a healthy lifestyle after any procedure in order to prolong their results.”

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